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Dance with your heart, your feet will follow.

    • One of the the oldest form of Indian classical dances, comprised of music and rhythm.
    • A traditional, yet very much sophisticated to draw the attention of the art lovers with it's powerful 'Abhinaya' and 'nrutta' supplementing each other.

      From Banglore

    • Since his childhood he was fascinated by this art form and it became a passion to him as he went on learning the same.
    • Rightly, he chose to become a professional dancer.
    • Today, with his keen ability to understand and imbibe the nuances of the dance, he has grown as one of the major performers of the younger generation artists.
    • Intiated to learn under Smt K Brunda.
    • Presently he is under the tutelage of Karnataka Kalashree Shri Sathyanarayana Raju, a world renowned exponent of Bharatanatyam.
    • ‘B’ Grade artist at Dooradarshan.
    • 2nd Best Dancer Award’ at “SPIRIT OF YOUTH” Festival 2016- Music Academy Chennai.
    • Vidwat grade holder in Bharatanatyam from Karnataka Secondary Education.
    • Visharada grade in Bharatanatyam from Akhila Bharatha Gandarva Maha Vidyalaya, Mumbai.
    • Young Artist’s Scholarship Awardee from CCRT Ministry of culture, New Delhi.
    • Young artist Scholarship holder from Karnataka Sangeetha and Nirtya Academy.
    • Prof. U S Krishna Rao Endowment Award and Scholarship holder.
    • A regular performer- has widely performed in India and abroad.
    • A choreographer – Choreographed many beautiful numbers in Bharatanatyam repertoire and for other ballets too.
    • Teaches the aspirants under Narthanayoga foundation(®)
    • At Women and Child Development-Govt.of karnataka
    • At‘Samskruti' the temple of Art.

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Awards and Accolades

Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.



Dance is a conversation between body and soul.




  • HCL concert Music Academy Chennai
  • Guru Vandana’, An Endowment program in Memory of Prof. U S Krishna Rao and Smt U K Chandrabhagadevi.
  • Samajam Durg, Chhattisgarh.
  • Natarajostava held at Karnataka Nrithyakala Parishath.
  • Natarajotsava at Vasundara Performing Arts Centre.
  • Yuva Sourabha in Kannada Samskruti Ilakhe, Karnataka Govt.
  • Natashekara Exclusive Male Dance festival under International Arts Culture Foundation.
  • 34th Kinkini Nrityotsava , Bengaluru.
  • Kannapully Nrityotsava, Palakkad- Kerala.
  • Kovil Thiruvayar festival, Coimbatore.
  • Hampi Utsava, Hampi.
  • Alvas Nudisiri, Moodbidri.
  • Articulate Festival At Mysore.
  • Padams & Javalis Festival at Bengaluru.
  • World Dance Day Samrudhi performing art academy- Sirsi.
  • Kala pratibhotsava from Kannada Samskruti Ilakhe.
  • Hosanagara Jatra Mahotsava, Hosanagar.
  • Ananya Nrutyollasa, Bengaluru.


  • Kreol festival, Seychelles, East Africa.
  • Sarajevo winter festival, Bosnia.
  • Nritya Sanrachana, a festival Choreographic work organized by ‘Sangeet Natak Academy’ at Imphal.
  • Common wealth games in delhi.
  • Guru Shishya festival in Chandigarh.
  • 27th International Art Craft Mela – Hariyana.
  • Delhi International Festival – Delhi.
  • Kanaka Kavya Vaibhava in Doordarshan.
  • He has played the role of Sugreeva in one of the Exquisite Dance Ballet, which represents parts of the Kishkinda Kandam and Sundara Kandam which was choreographed by Smt. Anitha Guha, which was performed in Music Academy – Chennai & 19 cities in USA.
  • Silk Sutra Dance production Choreographed by Smt Pratibha Prahlad, performed in Bosnia Buda Fest Hangeri.
  • ICCR Horizon series under Samskruti – The Temple of Art.
  • 18th Kalanadam Classical Dance festival, Bengaluru.
  • Rasa Ranjini Festival- Bengaluru.
  • Santavani, Nayaka Nayaki, Padams and Javalis, Tyagaraja Vaibhavam festivals at Bengaluru. Nauka Charitram at Ananya, Choreographed by Guru Smt Padmini Ravi.
  • Krishna Kalarnava Festival for Bengaluru Ganesha Utsava.
  • Performed in many holy places like Hampi Utsava, Lakundi Utsava, Bruhadheeshwara Tanjore, Kulu manali, Kumbhakonam.
  • Yogesh conducts lots of workshop, summer camps at Bala Bhavan and also choreographed several dance schools and other events. Over the resent years, He has been a principle dancer with the Samskruti- The Temple of Art and Prasidha Foundation.
  • It is his sincere effort to delve further into this wonderful art of Bharathanatyam and preserve and propagate its pristine beauty.


Dance with your heart, your feet will follow.

1. Yogesh Kumar - Bharatanatyam Varnam, Disciple of Shri Sathyanarayana Raju

Description : Varnam - Swami nanundan adimai, (Papanasham Shivam) Raga - Natakuranji Adi tala. Performed in music Academy Madras, for hcl concert. The famous varnam, penned down by the great vaggeyakara shri Papanasham Shivam.... "Swamiye nanundanadimi". Bhakti rasa is sthayi bhava here. The Bhakta prises lord Shiva in many ways. O' lord, every one knows that I am your dasa. The very purpose of my life is chanting your namamruta. I am eagerly waiting for your darshana. Here we witness the portrayal of the nandanar, to whom Shiva blessed with his darshana. Dance choreography, guru Smt. Narmada.

2. Yogesh Kumar - Bharatanatyam Jatiswaram

Description : Jatiswaram, Raga - Rasika priya, Adi tala.

3. Yogesh Kumar - Bharatanatyam Devaranama

Description : Devaranama - Hanumanta deva namo. Raga - Ragamalike Adi tala Hanumantha is always sought for his bhakti. This bhakti was his power to cross the vastness of the sea and reach Lanka, ravanasura's kingdom to find Seethamatha. And, once again, to save Seetha while she was try to hanging herself frustrated by ravana's crooked actions. Composed by shri purandara dasaru in purvikalyani and aditalam. Dance composition by Guru Bhanumathi.

4.'Varnam' - Devadi Deva

Description : Varnam on lord Nataraja. Chidambaram is the adobe of Nataraja who is dancing there the Ananda tandava..... The Bhakta, devotee of lord, happily joins the parade moving towards Chidambaram. He gets astonished seeing the vastness of the temple and the pleasing vibrance present around. Feels the soothing breeze as he enters in. Oh! the whole atmosphere is filled with the devotees who are themselves engaged in offering different sevas to Swamy. Some are putting the rangoli, another group chanting the Shiva nama etc. Hearing the sounds of the drum he rushes outside to see the palanquin going round the temple placing the idol inside. Requests to allow to hold the palanquin for while and thus feels the honour to have served the God. "Devadideva Nataraja" varnam of Shri Veene Shesha Iyer, in shnmukhapriya raga and aditala.

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Dance with your heart, your feet will follow.




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